Work experience

Rick Voorneveld

Web development meets
an athletes mentality


Experience as a freelancer

Transitioning from in-house roles to freelancing, I founded my own company to diversify my skills and approach professional growth more flexibly. Embracing a range of projects, I aimed to expand my expertise while adapting to different client needs and industry challenges.

Pro Bike Spain

Full-stack developer


A dynamic platform offering race bike rentals, nutrition products, branded clothing, accommodation, coaching services, and curated routes in Benidorm and Albir. Engineered the website from conception to deployment, leveraging Hetzner infrastructure and implementing Infrastructure as Code practices to ensure scalability and reliability.

PHP 8.3 Laravel IaC Hetzner Livewire Cloudflare


Full-stack developer


Modernization of the CRM system, updated from a legacy system nearly two decades old. Refactored for cloud deployment, it integrates websockets, datatables, and caching layers to enhance speed and usability. Designed for efficiency and scalability, it not only revitalizes outdated processes but also lays a foundation for future growth and innovation.

PHP 8.3 Laravel IaC Hetzner Datatables Websockets


Back-end developer

2020 - 2023

As a freelance back-end developer at CarNext, I streamlined onboarding and supplier processes, aligning with their mission to innovate the used car purchasing journey. I developed and implemented efficient backend systems and APIs, enabling seamless integration of new suppliers. Collaborating with stakeholders, I enhanced workflow efficiency and data management practices.

Symfony GNU Makefiles Kafka React

Clayhall FS

Full-stack developer

2021 - 2022

Clayhall Financial Services helps individuals to select the most fitting financial plans. I'm responsible for the CRM system and connecting multiple API's that ties everything together.

Digital Ocean Tailwind Livewire MongoDB openAPI Monitoring

TWC IT Solutions



One of London's leading IT Solutions companies. Included among the top Cyber security companies of 2021 ( Optimized in direct communication with an external SEO bureau.

Wordpress Site speed optimalisation DevOps Monitoring

LPL Group

Full stack developer


LPL helps businesses protect their Cash Flow, resolving the issues preventing payment. Whether it be a professional reminder or addressing the root of the problem to ensure a win-win scenario. We've built a client and CRM portal to streamline their processes.

PHP 8 Event driven Vue.js DevOps Monitoring

Rosenwasser method

Full stack developer


This website offers an unusual, effective and fun way to learn to read Hebrew. It is put together in such a way that by the 10th lesson you will be able to read Hebrew. The website offers a login section, PayPal payments and a complete CRM system.

PHP 8 TDD CI/CD PayPal EcmaScript 6 DevOps Monitoring

Villa Experts

Full stack developer


Villa Experts is specialized in renting holiday villas with private swimming pool in Italy, Spain, and Portugal for over 10 years. There are several API connections with external partners to keep the rates and availabilities up-to-date.

Zend Framework External API's

Experience on a permanent contract

Development team lead

2016 - 2019

Development team lead @

In addition to my work as web developer @, I'm the lead of the design - and development department. Responsible for safety, performance and user experience for all products in the portfolio.

TDD Laravel CI/CD

Web developer

2007 - 2013

Web developer @

Web developer @ in Amsterdam. In my role as a PHP programmer I'm, together with my team, responsible for the product portfolio of Dutch market leader in hotel booking software. The focus on own portfolio made it possible to zoom in on the quality of the product keeping maintainability at full focus.

Git Agile Code reviews

Dutch korfball squad


2007 - 2013

Athlete @ Dutch national korfball squad

Proud member of the Dutch national korfball squad with the corresponding A-status of the NOC-NSF. We made various trips around the world to compete for championships and promote korfball around the globe.

Focus Working together Perform under pressure

Media concepts

Web Developer

2006 - 2015

Web developer @ Media Concepts in Amsterdam

Together with my colleagues, I'm responsible for the realization, maintenance and further development of web-based applications for small, medium and large-sized companies.

Zend Framework Subversion PHP 5.6 MySQL